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html resource

FYI. ... just have so many codes to learn.... Read More

Understanding The Differences Between Angular.Js And Node.Js


Angular.js is a web development framework developed by Google and is mostly used for client-side applications.
It is written in JavaScript and makes use of the directives. This framework is used in the development of rich internet applications and interactive web applications and is... Read More

25 Best Free CSS, HTML Contact Form Templates + Tutorials

25 Best Free CSS, HTML Contact Form Templates + Tutorials Read More

15 Directives to Extend Your Angular.js Apps

15 Directives to Extend Your Angular.js Apps Read More

Mokld Photos Store is Back

Mokld Photos Store is Back. Instead of selling print(s), this page now is selling the photo's soft copy. Check it out. More photos are coming soon...

Copied and modified “Mokld Photos Store” shopping cart codes from Bill Sergio’ free angularJS shopping cart … it works well. Thanks Bill.

As I mentioned, each earn dollar will send to donation, so I am appreciated your support, either you shop for the print or... Read More


an error was found tonight. it occurred in a button, was "check our more", should be "check out more". i updated my website two-three months back. i created the website; I could overlooked it. However no one pointed it to me too. anyway, glad i caught it tonight. fixed. not tooooooooooo late. ... Read More

40 Best Designed GitHub Project Pages (FYI)

just want to share something that I feel it is educational in art/tech. Read More

Product development – How my workflow looks like

got this article from Linked.

Product development – How my workflow looks like
Aug 14, 2015

Do you know what is better than being a well–paid employee, freelancer or consultant? Making money on work you love when you sleep. Product development is what can make this dream reality.... Read More

updated index page

updated the index page.... with animation and mobile friendly user interface few days ago.

Today, even the index page called out "slider.js" is not enough eye-catch. As one of my friend said, make anything possible to switch to mobile interface. I replied mobile app is too simple; I don't like it too much. She answered back, either you like it or not, today's trend is on mobile app....go and make your index page to mobile app.... Read More

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add the business card today

add the MOKLD business card into the "Contact" page today. always want to come up an unique design, but simple and elegant. ... Read More

embed blog page

embed blog page today. I will share all I can. ... Read More

updated the shopping cart

I added few more photos and updated the shopping cart. I like the 1st reversion shopping cart, so i switched it back. The "photos store" I set it as e-commerce website example and moved to "websites" page.... Read More

add Photos Store

Add a new Photos Store page using angualrJS and JSON languages. All the new photo will be added into here from now on. The print size of the photo is 12x18, lustre. However, if you are interested on other size, please contact me.... Read More

weird idea - donation fund

Today a weird idea pops upwant to create a donation fund foundation by selling my own photos. $1.00+ a copy. I cant promise much but will generate a sale-report by end of each year and post it in my website. Report might include: sale/earning revenue, donation send to and by how much??? Will this works? If you have any idea please post. Thanks!... Read More